Extension Volunteers

Are you volunteering as a StrongBodies Leader through the UW-Madison Division of Extension?

If so, you need to complete a few steps to become an official Extension Volunteer.

To complete the Extension Volunteer Registration, please click below:

This registration process will take ~15 minutes, with the addition of a 40-60-minute mandated reporter training module, and 2 volunteer in preparation videos totaling less than 15 min.

The registration includes the following components:

To complete the registration by paper rather than the Qualtrics survey, view the files on the google drive.

If you have any additional comments or questions, feel free to contact the StrongBodies team at strongbodies@extension.wisc.edu

Volunteer Managers

Volunteer MANAGERS, view more information here.
To request a fidelity check, email strongbodies@extension.wisc.edu

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