Safe and Healthy Food Pantries Project

woman assisting a man with a box of food pantry items

Food pantries play an important role in supporting the health and well-being of their guests. As more families turn to food pantries to meet their food needs, it is increasingly important that food pantries offer foods that are safe and healthy.

The Safe and Healthy Food Pantries Project was developed to provide food pantries with guidance on how to improve the nutritional quality and safety of their food inventories.

You can adopt the strategies and tools that are appropriate for your pantry and your guests. There are four steps to implementing the Safe and Healthy Food Pantries Project:

  1. Assess your current food pantry operations with the assessment tools. Use the results to set goals for your pantry.
  2. Review the recommendations and best practices for improving the food pantry environment.
  3. Develop an action plan.
  4. Implement your plan and evaluate the results.

Learn more about the Safe and Healthy Food Pantries Project and download the Toolkit.

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