Youth Advocates for Community Health

Three teens sit by the crosswalk they painted bright blue and decorated with flowers.
Youth advocates in Marquette County painted creative crosswalks to promote a sense of community and increase pedestrian safety.

Are you interested in working with young people?

Would you like to help them participate in the process of solving issues that impact their own communities and lives?

The Youth Advocates for Community Health process creates youth-adult partnerships that allows youth to lead and generate energy among their peers (and adults) to improve the health in their community in ways that matter to them.

Extension provides a guidebook filled with resources for planning a youth-led community health project. The projects focus on making the healthy choice the easy choice in a community.

You will be able to guide a youth-led project through the five steps of action:

  • Choose your Battle – assess the health in your community and narrow down to one area of focus
  • Raise Awareness – speak with community partners to learn about their work and build support
  • Make your action plan- develop a plan for your project
  • Implement your plan – follow the action plan to complete the project
  • Evaluate your plan – assess your project and how you want to move forward

Learn more about Youth Advocates for Community Health and download the Guidebook

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Case Studies using Youth Advocates for Community Health:

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