FoodWIse State Team

Kathryn Boryc Smock – FoodWIse State Program Manager

Christine Holm – Communications Specialist

Emily Latham – Health Communications Outreach Specialist

Udai Olivares – Bilingual Digital Media Specialist

Betsy Kelley  – Nutrition Education Program Specialist – Training

Cara Cross  – FoodWIse Regional Program Manager (South Region)

Yolanda Peña-Castro – FoodWIse Regional Program Manager (Metro Region)

Jill Sanders – FoodWIse Regional Program Manager (North Region)

Morgan Peaden – Nutrition Education Program Specialist – Curriculum

Sarah Smith – Policy, Systems and Environments Specialist

Tounhia Khang  – Evaluation and Data Management Specialist

Shannon Sparks – Evaluation and Program Development Specialist

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