Share Table in La Crosse Schools Pilots Ways to Reduce Waste & Cost

Share Tables help reduce waste, reduce food costs and increase the opportunity for hungry students to eat more. Food Service Staff at Hintgen, Harry Spence, Hamilton and Summit Environmental Schools in La Crosse county quickly embraced the benefits of Share Tables in their cafeterias. Engaging with FoodWIse as they piloted an Illinois Extension-developed toolkit and […]

StrongBodies in Manitowoc Centers Hmong Elders to Strengthen Selves & Community

In Manitowoc County, bilingual StrongBodies classes support Hmong and Southeast Asian elders as they stay active, build and maintain social connections. Facilitated by educators in the SNAP-Ed funded FoodWIse program, StrongBodies is a strength-training series that engages seniors to maintain functional movement alongside nutrition education. Working in regular partnership with the Manitowoc Senior Center, programs […]

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