Harvest of the Moon

Posoh! Welcome to the Menominee Harvest of the Moon Program!

The Harvest of the Moon was created to strengthen connections to food through the integration of Menominee language, the Menominee Moons, Menominee art, and Indigenous recipes. Each of these components relates to each other and combined, a thriving and complex learning system exists. Within this learning system are the solutions to building a healthy and thriving community. This has been passed on from one generation to the next for so many and for just as many others, this project may be their first experience with this knowledge.

The Menominee Indian Reservation and what is now known as the State of Wisconsin are home for these original foods. These original foods are gifts; each food is full of stories, relationships, and incredible nutrition. We hope that with each passing moon, more knowledge is gained, and connections are made to the land. Gratitude is expressed to everyone that contributed to this project and to everyone that generously shared knowledge.

Through the Kemāmaceqtaq: We’re all Moving project,  we developed Harvest of the Moon materials with the intention that they can be used in a variety of community settings, including schools, afterschool programs, senior meal sites, 4-H meetings, recreation centers, and other sites.

The Menominee Harvest of the Moon Program materials include:

  • A Menominee Harvest of the Moon poster featuring all 13 moons and foods to be hung in cafeterias and/or kitchens
  • Menominee Harvest of the Moon poster for each month with the food, the Menominee and English name, the Menominee moon that correlates with the month, traditional recipes, learning activities, Menominee teachings around each food, and information about how to harvest and store the food
  • Supplemental materials, including tips to adapt activities to virtual learning and coloring sheets

The objectives of the program include:

  • Increase access to healthy and traditional Menominee foods
  • Increase knowledge of the nutritional value of the monthly harvests
  • Draw connections between food and Menominee language, stories, and culture to enhance knowledge and cultural pride
  • Introduce traditional recipes to community members to encourage a healthy diet that features indigenous foods
  • Support local and/or Native farmers and producers


When you complete the survey, you will receive an email with a link to the materials and a password to access them. Save this email for access to these and all future materials.

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Visit the Kemāmaceqtaq: We’re all Moving project website to learn more about program strategies and successes.

For more information, contact

Jennifer Gauthier, Community Development Educator Division of Extension – Menominee County/Nation, Menominee Tribal Member jennifer.gauthier@wisc.edu

Kimberly Beaumier, the Kemāmaceqtaq: We’re all Moving Grant Manager kimberly.beaumier@wisc.edu

Dawn Doperalski, Health & Well-Being Educator – Division of Extension – Menominee County/Nation dawn.doperalski@wisc.edu

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