Active Communities

Extension educators work to improve access to and the quality of active living opportunities for their residents. From training people to lead local fitness classes to helping leaders identify ways to encourage walking, biking or utilizing park facilities, we encourage physical activity as a way to improve the health of residents, as well as their community.

Food Safety and Preservation

Foodborne illnesses affect an estimated 48 million Americans every year, or one in six individuals. Fortunately, foodborne illnesses are largely preventable. Extension can help you keep up to date on current food safety topics, product recalls and provide steps to help keep your family food-safe.

Food Security and Healthy Food Access

Food security – the assured access to healthy food is critical to family and community wellbeing. Food secure families and children are healthier and better able to thrive at home, school, work, and in their communities.

Healthy Schools & Early Care

Extension educators work with alongside schools to share resources, offer education, and provide programming for staff and students related to health and wellness.


Getting good nutrition and being active are both important to leading the healthiest life we can.  Good nutrition should start even before a woman is pregnant, to give her baby a good start in life.  Healthy infant feeding and activity can help toddlers and young children develop the eating habits and play activities they need to grow and develop, to learn and be active.

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