COVID-19 Response/Current Class Protocols

Please see below for current protocols for virtual and in-person delivery. The virtual adaptation requires leaders to undergo additional training to ensure the necessary skills and capacity to facilitate these classes in a virtual setting. Protocols for in-person classes are continuously updated with safety requirements based on guidelines from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

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Steps for Virtual Programming for All Leaders


Virtual StrongBodies classes can be offered to current, past, and new participants.

Steps to offer a virtual program:

  1. Locate StrongBodies materials (registration, enrollment, consent, and reporting forms)
  2. Make sure your information is updated on this StrongBodies Virtual Class Form
  3. Create and send out Registration Form (UW-Madison, Extension uses Qualtrics)
  4. Create a virtual  link for your class (i.e. Zoom)
  5. Recruit Participants
  6. Send out email confirmation (Sample below)



This email is to confirm your enrollment in the upcoming virtual StrongBodies program. If you have never used Zoom before, here is a video to assist: Here is the link that you will use to join each class by video (if you do not want to be seen on the video, you can turn your video off)



Here are additional resources:

StrongBodies Virtual Safety Checklist

StrongBodies Exercises

StrongBodies Exercise Log

Reminders for class:

  • computer/phone connection
  • sturdy chair
  • drinking water
  • hand & ankle weights
  1. (NEW PARTICIPANTS ONLY; never participated in StrongBodies) Set up 1-2 sessions as needed to go through the series of 12 exercises to ensure proper form and technique.
  2.  StrongBodies leader to complete required  Fidelity Check on your program with Terri Kolb (
  3. After the start of the workshop, be sure to Enter a Class Report with participant numbers.
  4. Have participants fill out the StrongBodies Participation Evaluation after they complete your program

Exercise Order for Virtual Programming

Exercises Modifications
Warm-up- 5 minutes x
1 Wide Leg Squat X10 Modified Squat
2 Overhead Press X10 Lateral Raise
Repeat 1 &2 x
3 Bent Forward Fly X10 Without weights
4 Bicep Curl X10 x
Repeat 3 & 4 x
5 Wrist Curl X10  Wrist up
6 Standing Calf X10 & Toe Raises (30 Sec) x
Repeat 5 & 6 x
Getting down to the floor x
7 Back Extension Left Side X10 hold for 8 sec each Standing back extension
8 Tummy Tuck  X10 hold for 8 sec each Chair Tuck
Repeat 7 (Right side)  & 8 x
9 Side Leg Raise left side X10Chest Press x10Side Leg Raise x10 Standing Side Leg Raise
10 Side Leg Raise right side X10Chest Press X10Side Leg Raise right side X10 Wall Push up
Repeat 9 & 10 x
11 Balance: One-legged Stork (hold up to 2 min) Modified
12 Stretches (30 seconds each):Hamstring, Quads, Chest, Lats x
13 Health/Nutrition/Socialization x

For FoodWIse Extension Leaders


Please view the StrongBodies Virtual Education Process for FoodWIse Educators.

This new document will help FoodWIse educators walk through the steps in setting up virtual StrongBodies classes (steps for registration, evaluation surveys, confirmation emails, and equipment loan process)

Requirements for In-Person Programs

Current In-person StrongBodies COVID-19 Recommendations:

Guidelines effective August 2021

We know that many StrongBodies leaders and participants are eager to gather together again to learn and share. The StrongBodies program is following UW-Madison, Division of Extension recommendations. These requirements are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 for our participants, leaders, and staff.

In-person StrongBodies programming should adhere to these recommendations.

  •  All individuals (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) are strongly recommended to wear masks in areas of substantial or high transmission according to the CDC. Please check this map as transmission rates change often.
  • Maintaining 6 feet of physical distance from individuals outside your immediate household is highly recommended both indoors and outdoors. Class sizes may need to be reduced to adhere to 6-foot distancing.
  •  Proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette are also important measures to keep individuals and our communities healthy. Do not attend class if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of any illness
  • Shared equipment must be cleaned before and after use with a fresh bleach solution or GTECH spray. If GTECH spray is used, you must submit a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to the site/building coordinator.
  • Do not enter class if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of any illness

Steps for Returning to In-Person Classes:

  • View the requirements above and prepare to follow all guidelines
  • Ensure the site is suitable for an in-person program
    • Location with space appropriate to conduct group exercise and mini lessons for participants with wheel-less chairs and 6 feet of distance between participants.
    • Space reserved for 8-12 weeks, 2 times/week on non-consecutive days for 1 hours each time (teaching time is 60 min. for StrongBodies, 20 min. nutrition/health education is optional)
    • Participants are interested in participating in the entire length of the program.
  • Schedule your workshop. Make sure to update the WI StrongBodies Map.
  • Recruit participants (ideal class size 8-15)
  • Participants complete registration forms (Welcome Packet)
  • Hold classes
  • After the start of the workshop, be sure to Enter a Class Report with participant numbers.
  • Complete post-class evaluations at completion.


If you are unable to offer a virtual program in your county, there are a few options to offer your participants.

  1. Link to StrongBodies Recording from Wisconsin Public Television
  2. Link to StrongBodies Recording on YouTube
  3. Sign up for Virtual Programming offered to statewide participants.

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