Leader Quick Links

Looking for quick links for to do items for you as a leader? See below.

Leader Status or Contact Info Update

Update the Map

  1. View the Find a Local Program page
  2. For virtual programs, click the blue Virtual Programs button and edit the document with updated information.
  3. For in-person classes, look at the map. Click on a marker to view the class information.
  4. If a class needs to be updated, scroll down on the page and click the Add or Delete a class link.

Enter a Class Report

Class Reports are required to be entered by all NON-EXTENSION* Leaders within the first two weeks of a new class session. The class report provides us information on the demographics of the participants and assists us with demonstrating the need for continued funding for the StrongBodies Program.

*Extension leaders (Extension volunteers and staff) do not need to enter a class report. Your class information will be entered into Extension reporting systems (Knack/PEARS).

Program Resources

Looking for program resources for your StrongBodies program? View the Program Resources page. You will need a password, which was provided at your Leader Training.

The Program Resources page contains information to assist you will promoting your workshop, handouts that may be helpful to you as a Leader, handouts for your participants including registration and evaluations, materials in other languages, and video demonstrations for each of the exercises for you to review.

Participant Evaluation

All Leaders are required to utilize the end of session Participant Evaluation.

Link to Qualtrics Evaluation to share with participants.

Link to Paper copy of Evaluation

Please note: If you share the paper copy of the evaluation, you will be responsible for entering the responses into the Qualtrics evaluation by taking the Qualtrics survey and entering participant responses.

The evaluation requests a class code. Please have your participants enter “SB” for the class code. (Classes led by FoodWIse educators should use the code “SBFW“.)

If you would like to view the evaluation results for your class, please fill out the Data Request Form.

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