Wilma Clark, Eau Claire County

I was diagnosed with osteopenia about fifteen years ago. So I continued with lots of exercise (running, then walking as I got older; yoga; elliptical at the gym) and faithfully drank milk/ate yogurt/took calcium + vitamin D3 supplements. In subsequent bone density tests, my score once actually increased about ten years ago, then did a slow slide downward (but less than the 2% bone loss per year the archived class mentions, but still steadily downward for about ten years.)

Then, something interesting happened. My bone density went UP during the last three years. Based on my score in 2018 at the end of that ten-year decline, the score in last week’s bone density test went UP. I’m wondering if the strength training class (done faithfully since mid-December 2020) made a difference? YES!

-Wilma Clark, 83 years old

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