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Since the program began in Wisconsin, StrongBodies leaders have conducted sessions reaching more than 15,000 participants. In 2014 alone, 107 leaders taught 245 sessions in every corner of the state. What impact did attending the StrongBodies sessions have on the people who participated? More than 120 respondents to a 2014 statewide leader survey reported a variety of impacts for themselves and their participants as a result of StrongBodies. Focus group research confirmed many of these findings, including increases in:

  • Strength and improved health and wellness
  • Balance
  • Competence and confidence in ability to complete daily activities
  • Social connectedness

Evaluations from Rock County also revealed that:

  • Of the 481 women who attended StrongBodies, 100% learned to use ankle weights and dumbbells to increase their strength.
  •  Based on the Senior Fit Test, 95% of participants had improvements in strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
  • Twenty-seven of the 481 participants reported a decrease in their need for medication that targeted chronic conditions and pain.
  • The momentum seen in the Wisconsin StrongBodies program continues to expand as more trainers are recruited.

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