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StrongBodies is an evidence-based strength training program for middle-aged and older adults. Since the program began in Wisconsin, over 900 leaders have been trained and more than 17,000 individuals have participated in the program across the state.

For more information on the benefits of bringing the StrongBodies program to your community, visit our Research page.

To become a StrongBodies leader, an individual must complete the base StrongBodies Leader Training. Then, there are two additional trainings that may be taken. For more information on each Leader Training, click below.

StrongBodies Beginner/Intermediate Leader Training (Base)

The StrongBodies Leader Training is a one day training designed to teach new leaders how to lead a successful StrongBodies program in their area. This base training includes the Beginner/Novice and Intermediate curriculums. The base training must be taken prior to either the Advanced or Healthy Hearts training.

Learn more about the StrongBodies Beginner/Intermediate Leader Training.

StrongBodies Advanced

StrongBodies Advanced is an online training designed for StrongBodies Leaders that have been teaching the base program for at least 6 months. The Advanced training intended to teach Leaders new exercises to add variety and/or difficulty to the base StrongBodies program.

Learn more about StrongBodies Advanced

StrongBodies Healthy Weight

The StrongBodies Healthy Weight program (previously known as StrongWomen Healthy Hearts) is a cardiovascular disease prevention curriculum that aims to help midlife women reduce their risk of disease through fitness and education. The Leader Training is a virtual workshop offered at the national level.

Learn more about the StrongBodies Healthy Weight program.

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