Food Preservation and Pressure Canner Testing

Testing Dial Gauge Canners toolkit

NOTE: The Presto testing unit  is used to test gauges for NationalMagic SealMaid of Honor and Presto brand canners only. The All American canner is a weighted gauge canner with a reference dial; do not use the Presto testing unit on an All American canner.

pressure canner gauge being tested

Follow these Steps for Testing Dial Gauge Canners

  1. Have the master gauge calibrated. Presto Industries (Eau Claire, WI; 715-839-2121) offers free calibration for master gauges. Master gauges must be calibrated every year before use.
  2. Staff the service. Pressure canner gauge testing is under the supervision of a trained Extension educator, a support staff, or a trained volunteer. Individuals may have been trained in-person or they can review the Kansas State video here. Office staff who support testing are considered trained if they review the training video.
  3. Make copies of the dial gauge testing report form. The Presto dial gauge testing report must  be used to record results.
  4. Test dial gauges. Dial gauges on pressure canners should be tested each year against a calibrated ‘master’ gauge. Weighted gauges on canners are not tested, they do not go out of calibration.  The All-American canner is a weighted gauge canner and should not be tested with the Presto gauge tester.
  5. Complete the dial gauge testing report. Affix a sticker to the canner lid.  A sticker with the results of the gauge testing must be placed directly on the canner lid or on the top of the dial-gauge housing. Sticker template using  Avery 5160 return address labels is here.

Note: Dial gauge canner testing units approved for use in county offices can be ordered from Presto.

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